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The set of rules is long, but essential for a running project of this size.

It is ajar to the current rules and regulations of the Germany Run (from 2010) by Ingo Schulze and a copy of its in large parts; modified on the new circumstances of 2017. It is inevitable that several points repeat. It should not scare off, but to set the record straight and minimize problems on site. The contents are based on experience values of many years!!!

It is primarily for the runners of the „1300km solo“-competition, but it is also applicable to the other competitions for the most part (except the single stage race ).

Conditions of participation in detail

Article 1 – Organization

The Germany Run 2019 is advertised as an international competition. The organization reserves the right to dismiss participants reported without further justification, if they appear unsuitable for this project in the opinion of the organization.

Article 2 – Description of the competition

The „DLL2019“ is a run in 19 daily stages. The race course is approximately 1300km long. (Daily performance on average: 68,421km). The start is on Sunday 18/08/2019 at „Ellenbogen“, the northern tip of the island of Sylt (Germany’s northernmost point at the same time). The run ends on Thursday 05/09/2019 or Friday 06/09/2019 at the Zugspitze or in poor weather conditions in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

The food and accommodation for the participants and their coaches will be ensured by the organizer. It is up to the participants and supervisors to take up this offer. Accommodation costs can be optionally booked to the normal entry fee or from carers separately, but a renumeration or a reduction of the entry fee / organization fee does not take place .

Article 3 – Participation Policy / Liability

Participants and supervisors are obliged to read the present „Conditions of Participation“. The „DLL2019“ takes place in accordance with the competition rules and the additional conditions, which is subject to each participant and which he/she recognizes as part of its application. The organization will always rely on the „Conditions of Participation“. Changes (s. Art. 7) are possible only on the part of the organization and must be accepted by all concerned.

By participating in the „DLL 2019“ the participant accepts the liability of the organizer for personal and property damage of any kind (s. Art. 21). This applies also for lost valuables and objects. UNLESS; ONE CAN PROVE THAT THE ORGANIZER ACTED GROSSLY NEGLIGENT.

On receipt of the start number the participant declares that the organizer explicitly recommend him/her to do a medical preliminary investigation to clarify any health risks and that no medical concerns exist against the participation in the „DLL2019“.The participant declares that he has adequately trained for a participation in this competition, and that he is physically healthy and his state of health has been medically confirmed.

He/She further agrees that all data referred to his/her application may be used without compensation claims on his/her part. This also applies for all things made in connection with the participation, such as photos, film footages, radio interviews, television, advertising, books and photo copies.

Participants who do not show up are not entilted to a refund of his/her organization fee. Special arrangements are described in Article 45.

Article 4 – Registration

The participation is open to all adult persons of all nationalities, both male and female, who meet the requirements of these regulations. The applicant has to demonstrate in his/her application „appropriate“ *mileages of the ultramarathon area. The organization decides on the attendance and announces the decision immediately.

* „Accordingly,“ is a far-reaching term. The potential participant logs on via the website and waits for a reply e-mail. Then he writes an e-mail to the organizer in which he/she tells about his/her (biggest) mileage. A spot check is carried out by the organizer.

With his/her registration, EUR 200.00 are to be paid / transfered to the organization. With the transfer of this amount the participant is included in the registration list. A repayment of that sum takes place after the refusal of the participation in the competition. By registering a passport photograph must be submitted. This can be reclaimed after the end of the competition.

Article 5 – Classification

Men and women are being assessed separately. An age category rating does not exist.

Article 6 – Competition program

08/18/2019: Arrival of participants at the earliest at 12:00 am ( previously no care will take place ) and not later than 05:00 pm. . The participant is responsible for the arrival and departue. The organization is responsible for the participants‘ provisions starting at the evening before the start. This possibly applies to caregivers as well. Other food and lodging up to this point is on the participant’s responsibility.

(Early) evening program on Saturday, 08/18/2019:

– personal greeting

– check in / hand out of the starting documents

– race briefing

– PowerPoint presentation of the competition conditions and the running track itself

– presentation of a surprise guest

– dinner / „pasta battle“

The launch will take place on Sunday 08/18/2019 at 08:30 am common to all participants on the beach „Ellenbogen“ / Sylt. Breakfast at 05:00 am, then (06:00 am) train to Sylt (07: 00 am arrival). There is a shuttle bus towards the start (because the bus understandably can not stop on the beach, all have to do a small walk).

Participants will have the opportunity to spend the nights of 02/08 – 05/08 in hotels in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Hereby no additional costs occur for the participant. With breakfast on 06/09/2019 the organization’s responsibility for the participants and for their caregivers ends in the „DLL2019″. A further residence is up to the participant. The return should be planned well by everyone. The organization is not in charge for that.

Article 7 – Changes of the competition rules

The organizer reserves the right to the following changes:

The actual route-leading according to Article 24
The change of the daily start time / start order according to article 9, place and objective case of force majeure
Type of accommodation according to Article 15
The change of distance for food stops and control stops according to Article 11 and 14
The change of the target times according to Article 10

Article 8 – identification features

Each participant will receive a set of starting numbers. The race number is visible at all times and to wear on the chest, the abdomen or thigh. If the starting number, for example, is not visible due to a jacket, it has to be proclaimed or presented on demand. This may be a case at food stops or other control stops.

Article 9 – Starting order

The start of the 1st stage for all participants is at 08:30 am * . For the following start in at 06:00am.

* A great feature of the first stage is the Hindenburgdamm. If it is not be approved to the organizer to amount it, the first stage is traveled by train. If it is allowed, the dam is amounted as a CLOSED GROUP !!! The first stage is therefore a “ split race“ in any case.

Important: The start time / grouping for the next day will be announced daily by the Organization by notice. In the further race process it will be decided on a case by case basis whether and how the regulation of the different starts is respected. The groups are seton the evening before. It has to be reported immediately if a participant wishes for any reason to start in a different group than determined by the organization. A claim for the start in the other group does not exist.

Article 10 – Stage target times

The running speed minimum (including breaks) has to be 5 km / h. Available in the middle are therefore 12min / km. There may be given a tolerance time for different reasons by the organization. This may be the case when a participant one day has several problems and it is likely that he is able to perform the prescribed minimum running time the next day. This can even be decided if track parts are difficult to be handled or if excessive heat occured. Here the organization has complete freedom of action. With repeated exceeding of the set time, which is due to exhaustion, a clarifying conversation must be conducted between the organization and the participants.

Article 11 – Checkpoints

Every food stop also serves as a checkpoint. The participant’s state as well as the wearing of his/her start number is controlled. The organization reserves more checkpoints on site (Article 7 + 8).

Article 12 – Stage finish

The time for each stage is tracked at the stage finish. Daily results will be posted for inspection immediately after the last participant arrives. An appeal has to be made within 30 minutes after the posting. However, this can also be asserted by a caregiver or helper. An addition of stage times takes place from the second day.

Article 13 – Space for sponsor logos

The participant can wear his/her sponsor’s logos on the non-reserved areas of the organization (on the T-shirt, pants, socks, etc.). However, the organizer reserves the right to prohibit the following advertising and markings on the running clothing: Forbidden societies; Overprints which question the reputation of the event; Overprints which violate decency or violate the sense of honor.

Article 14 – Route supply

The supply stops are depending on the traffic conditions and daytime temperatures in a distance of 10 to 15 kilometers. ( Article 7 ). The catering offer varies and has to be adapted to the circumstances. The organization strives to provide participants sufficient. Addition supply of special food and beverages is in the participants‘ responsibility. For this it is up to the participant to visit shops along the route. However, a deviation from the track is not allowed.

A variety of drinks is offered on the track. The caregivers of the supply stops are striving to meet the wishes of the participant’s needs, but it is impossible to respond to all individual wishes. In certain circumstances supply stops may not be staffed. At unoccupied supply stops, food services are to be taken independently, but it implies a consideration of the following runners.

Article 15 – Lodging

  1. The participant’s and caregiver’s / helper’s lodging is usually done in gyms and common rooms. An accommodation in a self-searched hotel (or similar) is optional to the participant and caregiver / helper and at his/her own cost. An offsetting for paid accommodation and meals by the organizer is not possible. Own RVs etc., of course, may be used for the night. The amount of the entry fee remains unaffected. Participants are informed in time about the supply accommodation.
    2. Each participant (and possibly caregivers / helpers ) MUST have a sleeping bag, an insulating mat or an airbed. The sleeping is not allowed to be wider than 100 cm! As for the sleeping bag, an eiderdown is not meant by that. The cargo space is limited (Article 7). A camp bed is out of the question; it is NOT transported in the organization vehicles.
    3. It is forbidden to the participants to spend the night in the organization’s vehicles. It must also be accepted that the sleeping space is not always available in sufficient size. This means: MOVE CLOSER TOGETHER!Article 16 – Equipment / LuggageIt is up to each participant to decide which equipment he/she wants to carry with. However, the transport space must be considered. More than three items of luggage may not be kept. The baggage is NOT allowed to exceed the total weight of about 30 kg. Weight overruns are charged by EUR 0.50 per kg and per day. For example, an overweight of 3 kg lead to an additional charge of EUR 30.00 ( of 20 days ).

Required equipment during the running:

– a cell phone which is switched on and ready to operate
– EUR 30.00 cash
– an identity card
– a backpack including 1,0 liter of drinking water
– a route map of the present stage
– the starting number 😉

Required equipment at the 19th stage (Zugspitze):

– a cell phone which is switched on and ready to operate
– an identity card
– a backpack including 2,0 liter of drinking water
– a route map of the stage
– the starting number
– a headwear
– a long sleeve top
– a windproof jacket
– gloves
– a rescue blanket ( as an insulation against the cold)
– a luminous vest ( provided by the organizer)
– a whistle
– a headlamp or other light source
– a clock

Required equipment in general (additionally to the equipment mentioned above):

– own sleepwear (pad, blanket, pillow)
– 1 large and 1 small towel
– flip-flops or other footwear, which is inteded for gym uses
– 2nd pair of running shoes
– cast or credit card
– a mobile phone charger
– replacement batteries / accumulators for Garmin devices and similar

Article 17 – Healthcare

The organizer tries to provide a decent medical care. A race physician and / or trained paramedics accompanies the „DLL2017“ permanently. IMPORTANT: ointments and bandages have to be provided by the participant himself/herself and are not provided by the organization. If it is necessary to buy for the participant ointments, cold packs or similar things, then he/she has to pay for it. This is especially for required painkiller. Of course, a certain contingent of first aid material is available (also at the staffed supply stops).

Article 18 – Clima and track surface

Under certain circumstances it will be very hot in July / August. This should definitely be considered when selecting the equpiment. However, rain and other severe weather should be taken into consideration. We will run on country roads (usually with an own bike and footpath), side roads and country lanes. There are also larger ways which will run through cities. The footwear should therefore be chosen accordingly. It is not advisable to wear a pure racing shoe. Comfortable and stable training shoes should be preferred.

Article 19 – Personal laundry

On the morning of the 8th (Werne-Solingen) and 14th stage (Schloss Eichtersheim-Winnenden) dirty laundry can be issued to wash. For this purpose, the participant will receive a private dirt bag. Only functional clothing will be washed – no underwear and no cotton.

The organization’s proposal: The clothing can be kept on while showering and then dried in the open air or in suitable premises. The cleaning and maintenance of the clothing is left to the participant. Here the organizers proceed along the lines of the transcontinental races in America and Australia, as well as the „Trans-FootRace 2003“ and „Trans-FootRace 2009“. This process had probed its worth in the previous „Germany runs of Ingo Schulze“.

Article 20 – Telephoning and faxing

Users of mobile phones should take into account that it is not everywhere possible to have a decent

reception. The participant’s relatives are asked to call the organizer at his/her mobile phone only in an extreme emergency. Letters and parcels must be sent to the specified addresses. The addresses are given to the participant in connection with a final information a few weeks before the start. The organizer is not responsible for replacement sendings. The participant has to accept if a sending has missed him/her. Post offices and other facilities usually have fax machines. In any situation, no faxes, letters or packages will be accepted for forwarding by the organization. The organization’s mobile phones are not provided for interviews and home calls. If no own mobile phone is at hand, the participant has to use a public telephone or a follower’s mobile phone.

Article 21 – Insurance / Privacy

The participation is at your own risk. Furthermore, the organizer will conclude a „liability insurance“. Additionally, you should check if you health insurance company has additional benefits to offer. The AOK or equivalent insurance card should be urgently carried. Each participant will start with an awareness of all possible risks. Any case of weakness, accidents or poor health in general is not in the organization’s responsibility. It is advisable to conclude a private travel insurance (particularly for foreign participants). Each participant and caregiver have to sign a „waiver and indemnification / release of liability“ before the start. A start without a signature is NOT possible. ( Article 3, paragraph 2)

Article 22 – Help by third parties

It is regarded as a serious infringement if a participant travels otherwise than by his/her own feet, for example, uses a car or bike and then wants to take up again the competition after an indeterminate way. This results in a cancellation of the current stage and the immediate exclusion from the official vote rating without further warning. This is where the participant is immediately excluded/terminated from the Germany race. A bicycle or car accompainiment is desired. This may cause a discontent to a runner, because he/she possibly wants to be left on his/her own, but for the runner’s safety in an emergency, that way is better.

Article 23 – Getting out of the competition

It must be immediately reported to the ognazitation if a participant wants to quit the competition. He/she then has the possibility to spend a day or more off and then resume the competition without competing. At the finish he/she gets an award for his/her performance. In the remaining time the participant who quit is asked to place himself/herself at the organization’s disposal. It is up to the participant stepped out whether he/she wants to stay on site or to journey home. In this case, he/she is taken by the organization to a suitable location. A remuneration of the entry fee will not occur. Both the participant and the organization set a place in accordance.

Article 24 – route marking / route guiding

The participant has to adhere to the prescribed route. The route is characterized by chalk arrows, stickers and signs. A deviation of the route for the participant’s own benefit results in his/her disqualification. A participant who gets lost / deviates from the way accidentally, has to run back / get driven back to the point where the detour (approximately) started. A compensation for the detoured way does not take place. The organization reserves the right to change the route at any time if this is necessary in the organization’s point of view. (Article 7).

Article 25 – Hygiene

After a long run everyone’s aim is to have a shower. There can not be an assurance that there will be a hot sower available any time. Unfortunately, this concerns relatively late arriving runners more. The faster runners are therefore introduced by the organization to show consideration for late arriving runners.

Article 26 – Route description / participants‘ meeting

Each participant will receive daily a written stage description. If allowed by local conditions, a „participant and caregiver meeting“ takes place in the evening, looking back on the last stage and giving introduction to the next stage. Otherwise, in the morning 15 min before the start of the respective group. There the participation is mandatory. The participant also receives a comprehensive route description in the internet on the known website.

Article 27 – Recommended equipment
– Blisters
– Own dressing materials
– Swimwear
– Suntan cream / sunscreen
– Sauna towel
– ….. This list will be expanded in time!

Article 28 – Registration Requirements

(Article 4) All data will be treated confidentially by the organizer. The participation is at your own risk. An accident insurance of participants is recommended. The organizer himself cannot check the health condition of the participants (Article 4).

Article 29 – Awards and other services of the organizer

Awards and certificates for EVERYONE! Participant cup for each „conqueror“ of his/her respective competition (does not apply to single stage runners).
Special gifts for the first 3 of men and women in the overall ranking of the „1300km solo“ – competition.
Memory gift for each participant and caregiver at the finish.
T-Shirt (does not apply to single stage runners)
Morning and evening meals, accommodation and route supplies, also see Article 7.
MORE „GIFTS“ —- check the menu of the respective competition for „Your performance pack“.

Article 30 – Registration deadline / cancellation of registration

(1) Registrations will be accepted after careful inspectation until 31/05/2017. With the acceptance of the registration, a deposit of EUR 200.00 is to pay immediately; Only after receipt of the deposit the

registered is regarded as a participant; Moves from the list of interested parties in the list of participants – their race number will be marked green in the list of interested parties.
(2) In case of cancellation by participants prior to 01/31/2019, EUR 40.00 will be kept as a processing fee.
(3) The organizer’s account has to receive the entry fee of EUR 1590.00 not later than 01/31/2019. Otherwise, after consultation, the person concerned can be seen as a person resigned.
(4) In case of cancellation of participation after 01/31/2017, the participant will receive back part of his/her entry fee as follows:


01.02. – 28.02. = 90% of the deposit amount
01.03. – 31.03. = 80%   ”       ”
01.04. – 30.04. = 70%   ”       ”
01.05. – 31.05. = 50%   ”       ”
01.06. – 30.06. = 30%   ”       ”
01.07. – 14.07. = 10%   ”       ”

Article 31 – Entry fee / payment

The entry fee is EUR 1590.00
EUR 590.00 are to be paid by registering into the account below. The balance must be paid at the latest until 01/31/2019.

Article 32 – Caregiver / vehicles

If a caregiver and his/her vehicle are mainly at the organization’s service during the event, his/her accommodation and food is prodived for free. For further disposition, this has to be reported to the organizer immediately, also see Article 42! Personal managers of the participants who are not at the organization’s service have to pay EUR 35.00 per day for foor and accommodation. Another regulation, just sleep or only catering is not possible. Managers of participants who do not provide a vehicle for the organization, but serve as an organization’s route station, have to pay EUR 20.00 as a set of daily costs.

Article 33 – Disqualification

A disqualification occurs when gross violations jeopardize the cohesion of the community. Those are, for example: highly offensive statements or fisticuffs towards other participants, caregivers, strange assistants and other persons as well as expressions and behavior that damage the reputation of the event. This includes gross deviations from the running route, the ride in a care during the race, the non-comliance with instructions of both own and other helpers (police, sports clubs, police forces) (Article 22 and 24).

Article 34 – Environment / food stops

The organization will accurately ensure that the participants will not be an additional burden to the environment. To avoid waste, each participant has to carry his/her own cutlery, dishes (also cup) (this applies for the entire period except the running stages). To drink has always to be done with the OWN cup. Personalized cups which are cleaned daily (by the organizer) are always prepared at the food stops and made available again at the following stages.

Article 35 – Press + participant’s information

It is easier for the organization to work with the press if it has appropriate information about each participant. After registration the participant will receive a questionnaire by mail which should be completed as meticulously as possible. This questionnaire is used for press work. Please attach a photo and a curriculum vitae of your running past to the feedback.

Article 36 – Time measurement + result list

This is done in hours, minutes and seconds. From the second day on there will be an addition of times. A comprehensive result list is send without being asked after 4 weeks at the latest. Result lists are generally not be issued during the race! It is asked to keep distance from requests to the timekeeper. The daily result list is only hanging out for inspection.

Article 37 – Issue of tender and other information

These take place in German and in English.

Article 38 – Connection to the organization

There is a mobile phone number of the organizer and of another organization member on the start number. This is important for the person who has deviated from the way and needs to connect with the organization. The participant always has to carry an amount of about EUR 30.00 which is in the own interest of the participant and will not be reviewed by the organization.

Article 39 – Supply and support by third parties

… Is welcomed as already described !!!

Article 40 – Stage runners

At the „DLL2019“ single stage runners are approved. The entry fee includes: check the respevtive competition and select „Your effort pack“! Single stage runners in principle start in the second group. Exceptions will only be approved by the oranganization. The certificate must be requested from the organizer after the race (instant certificate) and goes not to the single stage runner automatically.

Article 41 – Liability for caregivers‘ private vehicles.

– To bring private cars, caravans and campers is at your own risk.
– In case of failure of the vehicle help by the organization cannot be given – not more than the convey of aid.
– Vehicle damage and consequential damage CANNOT be taken by the organizer.
– The vehicle owner must therefore manage these on his/her own.

Article 42 – Vehicles

Drivers of participants who are at the organization’s service have free accommodation and food (check Article 32). The participant’s escort vehicle as a route helper is usually subject to the organization.

Article 43 – press work

It should not be suprising that members of the press are again and again on site. It is therefore important for the organization to have enough information of each participant available.

Article 44 – Registration deadline / payment of the registration fee

Registration deadline is 06/30/2019. Later incoming registrations are only possible after telephone consultation, and immediate payment of the entry fee and a late registration fee of EUR 100.00 per each month since 01/31/2019.

Article 45 – Termination of the event

The event can be canceled upon the occurrence of a natural disaster such as flood, major fire, earthquake and so on. Participants are invited to comment on the decision.

The participant will receive shares of the entry fee back as follows:

– EUR 60.00 for each remaining day

Article 46 – Runner’s advisory council

With the introduction in the course of the race there will also be a „runner council“ proposed and nominated by the organizer. This supports the organization in extraordinary problems that have an impact on the race. For example, the disqualification of a participant and so on. The „runner’s advisory council“ consists of 5 persons. This includes two male and one female runner, a caregiver and the organizer. The deicision of this committe is binding. When it comes to a decision about a person from the „Runner’s advisory council“, then the person in questioned will be replaced (at random by the organizer) for the voting.

Article 47 – Doping

The „DLL2017“ is organized as a sporting event and does not have a national or international federation. Nevertheless, the organizer of the „DLL2019“ insists that each participant adheres to the nternationally applicable anti-doping rules. For this purpose, before the start of the „DLL2019“ each participant has to sign an accordingly prepared declaration of commitment for the organizer. During the competition, each identified break of the above mentioned rules will be punished with a immediate disqualification. The participant immediately has to journey home.

Article 48 – Test

The participant puts EUR 1.00 in an evelope and hands this over to the organizer on the eve of the first stage. This serves as a sign that the participant has read this whole article here (idea stolen from Jens Many (

Article 49 – Thanks

Thanks for the attention.

Article 50 – It is enough

Note: The race director always has the last word in disputes. That’s the good thing about being a director ;-).

Oliver Witzke (Race Director)
Jurisdiction: Solingen
Subject to change until 14 days before the start.


TRANSLATION BY BURAK BOZKURT phone: 0049/1573 / 810 6000


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